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May 9, 2009 - Roll With It ... 2 Saturday, May 9, 2009
It is time to dust off those roller skates and join us for some hot laps in hot pants. Once again, we have booked the Sportsworld rollerskating rink and are going to groove it up with some time-tested disco funk for you to get your freak OUT!!!! So bust out the knee-highs, sequins, afros and moves

Music and good times provided by-

JayWho (trancecore)
This time we are happy to have a special Guest that has been funkin’ up dancefloors for quite some time. Jay has been expanding the scope of dance music, seamlessly fusing elements of Funk, Jazz, Classic Rock and even Doo Wop. His music will be sure to get you movin’ round and round like a needle in the groove.

Kevin Partridge
playing a special discotastic funk train

Joy One
with his special brand of fluid music for fluid people

Saturday May 9th 11pm -3am

$15 includes rental of roller skates and Inline skates (or you are welcome to bring your own)

Sportsworld Inline and Roller skating
13710 104 street

Please skate responsibly and wear pads. ROAR 18 +

disco’riffic flyer designed by Bridget Grady

Professional sound and lighting by KP and Joy One mobile entertainment
Astral Harvest 2009!! Saturday, May 2, 2009
The Techno(logy) Hippy Crew is once again proud to present:


Season Two: Elevating the Essence

For three days and two nights, intergalactic farmers from all over Canada and the world will gather for a harvest like no other. This is a harvest of the stars- a gathering of energy, art & music.



COMMERCIAL HIPPIES |Nano Records (South Africa) –LIVE
AQUASKY | Passenger Records / 777 (United Kingdom)
OKA | Vitamin Records (Australia) –LIVE
SOLAR | Deliria (Mexico)
ILL GATES | Multi Music (Toronto, Ont) –LIVE
GREENLAW | Formation Records (Vancouver, BC) – LIVE
NYSTAGMUS | Area709 (Calgary, AB) –LIVE
NEIGHBOUR | Homebreakin Records (Calgary, AB) –LIVE
NOKTURNAL | Area709 / Zenon Records (Calgary, AB)
CHRIS ORGANIX | Organix Productions (Vancouver, BC)
DJ KEV | Bassic Productions (Calgary, AB)
JAY MICHAEL | Area709 (Calgary, AB)
DEGREE | Oh Snap! / Red Bull / I like to Party Canada (Edmonton, AB)
WAV OCCUPATION | Techno Hippy Crew (Edmonton, AB)

Arlen - Pk (Calgary)
Battery - Oh Snap! (Edmonton)
Cher Olvera - Vocal Accompaniment / Astral Harvest (Edmonton)
Dirty Kid (Edmonton)
DJ Tanner - Astral Harvest (Edmonton)
Funk Trader - GOMP (Edmonton)
Fuuze - GOMP / Techno Hippy Crew (Edmonton)
Greg Saint - MusicFirst (Edmonton)
Handsome Valley Dweller - Worshipthebox (Edmonton)
Joy One - Techno Hippy Crew / GOMP (Edmonton)
Kevin Partridge - GOMP / Techno Hippy Crew (Edmonton)
Kinsella - Danksoul Recordings (Edmonton)
Kundalini Rising - Trancecore / Raging Shaman (Edmonton)
Martian Static - Trancecore / Raging Shaman (Edmonton)
Michelle C - Bassline Deejays (Calgary)
Mistress Mangladesh - GOMP / Trancecore (Edmonton)
Mr. Prezident - Techno Hippy Crew (Edmonton)
Mr. Wedge - Funk in the Trunk Saturdays (Edmonton)
Opaque - GOMP / Trancecore (Edmonton)
Pete Wilde (Calgary)
Phatcat - Future Roots / Overload / Oh Snap! (Edmonton)
Schwag Dankus - Raging Shaman (Edmonton)
Remo - Gravy (Edmonton)
Rhett B vs Spinzo - RF Productions (Calgary)
Sir Thaddeus w/Joey - GOMP / Arcatribe (Edmonton)
Siriusly Twisted - Techno Hippy Crew (Edmonton)
Soulus - GOMP (Edmonton)
Sound Factor - Trancecore / GOMP (Edmonton)
Space Age - Techno Hippy Crew / GOMP (Edmonton)
Steve Velocity - GOMP / Soveriegn House Records (Calgary)
Sweetz - Foosh/Treehouse/Oh Snap! (Edmonton)
The Protege - GOMP / Techno Hippy Crew (Edmonton)
Tianna J - Y Afterhours (Edmonton)
Tristan vs. Cruz-AE - Psy-Saturdays (Calgary)
Wild Bill Wyld - Techno Hippy Crew (Edmonton)

Decor installations from:
Solar | Deliria (Mexico)
Grumpy Old Men Productions (Edmonton)
Pk Events (Calgary)
Techno Hippy Crew Productions (Edmonton)

Vibe Tribe (Edmonton)
Kundalini Dance - Kylee Sorensen (Calgary)
Featured Art Display - Adriane Enns (Edmonton)
Fire Performances
Daytime Workshops
Food and Craft Vendors

Joey Hundert
Pat Suave
more tba...

2009 tickets available ONLINE and in stores NOW!

Weekend Pass
$90 – First Round - On Sale NOW!
$110 – Second Round
$120 – Third Round
$150 – At the gate

Saturday Pass (Valid after 12 noon Saturday)
$65 – In Advance (Only available online)
$80 – At the gate

Ticket Outlets:

Foosh: 10554 82 Ave (Whyte Ave) | (780) 491-6980
Bogarts: #208, 9006-132 Ave | (780) 758-1212

On sale Soon


Reservations are now being taken for the Astral BUS that will be heading up to the festival on Friday from Calgary through Edmonton then back again on Sunday.

Tickets are $70 Return from either Edmonton to Calgary!

Air conditioned, washrooms, dvd movies, comfortable and worry-free. Help the environment, save on gas - take the chartered bus provided!

More info and ONLINE TICKETS at:

FLASH SITE - make sure ur sound is on ;)

CLICK the link below to download Adobe Flash if you cannot view the website....
May 8th - T.G.I.Psydays: The Return! Wednesday, Apr 8, 2009
T.H.C. & Raging Shaman Present-T.G.I.Psydays-Shazam! Prepare for the return of Edmonton's longest running, most psychedelic, tranced out Friday night. T.G.I. Psydays is back with a stellar line up of your favorite local talent, bigger, badder,bassier sound and more balls out, down in da Brixx!

B-Man [Raging Shaman]
11 Hits Vs. Martian Static [Raging Shaman/Trancecore}
Schwag Dankus [Raging Shaman, Neon Army]
Fade Brigade [Raging Shaman/T.H.C./Epic Beards United
WAV Occupation [T.H.C./GOMP/Astral Harvest]

Doors 9:00
Tix $7
10030 102st
18+ +$2w/o membership
March 7th - Space Age & Oh Snap! Present: SUBVERT @ NEOTERIC Monday, Mar 2, 2009
Space Age & Oh Snap! Present:

BRIXX (downstairs):

SUBVERT (CALGARY - pK Sound, Muti music, The Village @ Shambhala)

SMOKEY BANDITS (Space Age & Mr Prezident - THC/GOMP) - Dubstep / Glitch Hop / Hip Hop
AGENT ORANGE (Glitch Hop / Dubstep / Mashups)
DJ FUUZE (GOMP/THC - Breaks, Dirty Breaks, Party Bangers)
WADJIT (Dubstep DJ Debut)

TEMPLE (upstairs):

NEOTERIC [ dubsided | smoke & mirrors - Vancouver]

Cobra Commander

$10 @ The Door before 11pm $15 after 11pm || Doors at 9pm

Space Age Birthday @ Sagittarium II @ Temple Friday, Dec 5, 2008
oin Space Age and the Techno Hippy Crew, Friday December 5th @ Temple, for Sagittarium II. This night will feature some of the best intergalactic beats, the hottest supernova DJ's and cosmically cool drinks.

I am pleased to welcome the return of Calgary's hottest dubstep star, along with a cluster of local Edmontonians::

DJ ELEVEN (Bassic / Faded Elements / Calgary)




COOL BEANs (Jay Piff / Ootz)

Doors at 9:00. Cover $7 ($9 w/o membership)
T.G.I.Psyday Rrrrround 12!! Friday, Nov 21, 2008
We are pleased to announce another long awaited night of rolling basslines presented by some of Edmonton's finest psy-techs!

Please join the Techno(logy) Hippy Crew on November 21st as we take over the temple once again to transform your environment and take over your feet.


POLLUX (Edmonton)

-6 bux Entry-
-Show starts at 9pm-

See you there.

Bassnectar - November 20th @ Starlite Thursday, Nov 20, 2008
Welcome SF's premier cult dj / producer back to Alberta and prepare for a freakshow mix of sledgehammer dubstep, 2 step, and bass psychosis. Touring his forthcoming album, " The Other Side", Bassnectar will continue to set new standards for the possibilities of merging music, art, new media and social activism.

Kush Arora San Fran
Live Dubwise Set, Surya Dub, SF
Dancehall and BHangra music, warp it into the future and load it full of bullets in dub. Sped up garage riddims punjabi style with dread bass, broken santoor dubstep.

Shamik the Human Beat Box
Greg Saint
Space Age
Joy One
Soul Patch and Cowboy Hat
Vibe Tribe


$18 then $21

Julie with The Techno Hippy Crew
Grumpy Old Hippies: From The Grave @ Velvet Underground Tuesday, Oct 21, 2008
Come down to the velvet underground for a night of chills, thrills, and zombiefied shrills. THC Crew and GOMP have teamed up to bring you a undead lineup of local zombies who are looking to take a big bite out any unsuspecting dancers. Costumes are encouraged, but remmeber to protect yourself, the brain hungry zombies cannot be stopped.

Wav Occupation - Psycosmic
Wyld Bill Wild - My Prezident
Space Age - Joy One
The Protege - Sir Thaddeus
Sound Factor

Saturday Nov 1st. Cover $5. Doors 9:00. 18+. 10030 102st. downstairs. muhahahhahaha.
Miami Sabotage w/ Joy One & Space Age-Oct 12th Thursday, Oct 2, 2008
Long Weekend Party with Techno Hippy DJ's:
Joy One (Arca Tribe / GOMP / Techno Hippy Crew)
Space Age (Techno Hippy Crew / GOMP)

Miami Sabotage will bring you the best in 70's Funk, 80's Disco and 90's Hip Hop, along with a special blend of remixes and flare from each DJ.

Break out your best costumes from the 70's and 80's and come dressed in style. neon beachwear, cop costumes, fake mustaches, badges are all encouraged.

Doors 9pm, $10 @ the door.

Get your tickets from your local DJ to help support the scene.
Groove With The Crew: October 10th @ Temple Thursday, Oct 2, 2008
Come join the Techno Hippy Crew for a special night of breakbeats, glitch hop, and electro funky goodness, as we bring you a special selection of local (and soon to be national and international) DJ's.

Performing on this special night will be:

Dirty Kid
Space Age (Techno Hippy Crew/GOMP)
Mr Prezident (Techno Hippy Crew)
Wyld Bill Wild (Techno Hippy Crew)
KP the Beat Professor (Techno Hippy Crew/GOMP)

Doors @ 9:00. Cover $5.

Space Age will also be releasing a special copy of his newly minted 'glip hop' cd. Limited quantities available so come down early.
The Official Astral Harvest After-Party!! Sep 19|08 Monday, Sep 15, 2008
The Astral Harvest Festival was a huge success and the Techno Hippy Crew wants to invite you to the official after-party at the Temple!

Thank you to all who attended and made the first year of many for this event something to remember. Please join us for a night beats and friends this September 19th!

Featuring a sick selection of House, Electro, Techno and progressive Psy from:

DJ SLATER - Tribal Vision Records / Czech Republic

Michal Smetana aka Slater started his DJ carrier in the late 90's, during the big boom of dance music in Prague. At the beginning of 2001 he decided to establish a new crew with the objective of organizing own electronic music events - this was the beginnings of the Tribal Vision collective.

Tribal Vision has been slowly getting engaged in more and more music-related activities, focusing mainly on a new wave of progressive and minimal sound. In 2004 Slater started to work on the first Czech progressive label and by the end of the year, Tribal Vision Records was born and slowly establishing itself as one of the leading labels on the progressive scene. Up to this day Slater is working as the label's head manager, A&R and representative DJ.

Slater has already compiled more than 15 CDs for various labels, both mixed and unmixed, including famous Tribal Vision´s Lime Light trilogy, Street Art and Trash Art, highly acclaimed Vanguard and Cabaret compilations, Electronic Ladyland double cd on Millenium Records UK, Candy Blues for Portuguese magazine Goagadar etc. As a creative director of the label he is to be found behind the album releases of artists such as Brisker & Magitman, Vibrasphere, Tegma or Fitalic and countless 12"s, digital singles and EPs.

Nowadays DJ Slater is playing a unique fusion of progressive house beats, electro, techno and prog trance music, always including a lot of fresh new stuff from label related artists. He has already performed at plenty of parties and festivals across the globe, held in almost all the European countries from Portugal to Russia as well as oversea locations such as Japan, Canada, Australia, China, Mexico, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia or South America. You could already heard his set at huge international festivals such as Fusion (DE), Voov Experience / VuuV (DE), Soulclipse (TR), Antaris Project (DE), Ozora (HU), Akasha (AUS), Antiworld (UK), Spirit Base (AT), Atmosphere (CH) or Fullmoon (DE) as well as prestigious clubs like Ambasada Gavioli (Izola), Paramount and Absolute House (Shanghai), Cube (Tokyo), Republic (Salzburg), Distillery (Leipzig), Roxy (Prague) and many others.

Besides that, Slater is constantly promoting progressive music in the Czech Republic and co-organizing parties, festivals and label nights. Recently he has been working also on his own production with several releases and remixes scheduled for the next months.

Played in countries so far: Japan, Canada, Australia, China, Mexico, Turkey, Morocco, Switzerland, Russian Federation, Portugal, Sweden, France, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Serbia, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Tunisia, Chile, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic...

Alongside local talent:

WAV Occupation
The Protege
Space Age vs. Mr. Prezident

Sep 19, 2008
The Temple
10030 - 102 street | Edmonton
$10 @ door | Doors at 9 | 18+

See you there!!

WAV Occupation @ Motion Notion 2008 YouTube Video Saturday, Jul 26, 2008
ASTRAL HARVEST FESTIVAL 2008 | Sep 5-7 Monday, Jun 23, 2008
The Techno(logy) Hippy Crew is PROUD to present the:


After many years of throwing mind-blowing sold-out events in and around Edmonton, the Techno Hippies are raising the bar once again!


12 Headliners and 41 Locals!!

2008 tickets available ONLINE now and in stores!

Click on ASTRAL HARVEST on our menu to the left!!

T.G.I.Psydays - Round 9 - May 30 | 08 ! Tuesday, May 27, 2008
The Psyence Fair was a super success, but we had to skip a Psyday and now we're looking to make it up to you!

Please join The Techno Hippy Crew next Friday, May 30th as we welcome a special guest from Calgary! We will be rocking the crowd at the usual location featuring a Motion Notion familiar and favourite:

Sundrop (Calgary)

with guests and residents...

Goa Jim (Raging Shamans)
WAV Occupation (Techno Hippy Crew)
Psycosmic vs. Space Age (Raging Shamans & Techno Hippy Crew)

If you had the chance to catch our Psy Amigos show back in March you might remember hearing the works of Sundrop as he teamed up with James Katalyst and Organic Manic... Definitely going to be a good night of beats!! :)

The Temple
10030 - 102 street
Edmonton, AB
Doors at 9
8 bux cover

See ya there!!
T.G.I.Psydays - PSYENCE FAIR ! - May 2 | 08 Saturday, Apr 26, 2008
A call out to all Psyentists to showcase their sound! If you are an old, young, seasoned or budding Psy DJ and want to show what you have for Edmonton, contact your local Psyguys at T.G.I.Psydays and share some time on the decks at The Fair!!

This is going to be a great mix of styles, sounds and DJ talent!! Come early to hear all the psyentists!!

For more details see our events section and guestbook...
Infected Mushroom - Live Band Tour! | May 15, 2008 Friday, Apr 11, 2008
Liquid Underground - Queue & Sophia's - The Techno Hippy Crew proudly presents...

The Global Experience - Israel

Duvdez, Erez, Rogerio, Tommy, Erez Netz, and Tsafrir of Israel's Psychedelic Trance phenomenon Infected Mushroom....To The Empire Ballroom.

They're bringing all their instuments for this one! This is your chance to see them "Up Close and Intimate" for the release of their lastest album "Vicious Delious"

Opening with/ Special guest's....
DJ Kristoff -

WAV Occupation - Techno Hippy Crew (

Missy Lectro -

Check the Events section for more info...
Throwdown Thursdays Thursday, Mar 20, 2008
Join us for an evening of celebration in the form of dancefloor devastation at the newly rennovated Cloud 9 (formerly the backroom vodka bar). Let's cut the shine off this brand new dancefloor and push the all-new spanky sound system to its limits in the spirit, style and intention of underground edmonton...

A shit-hot local DJ lineup consisting of:

The Handsome Valley Dweller (also known to be equally handsome whilst dwelling on mountain tops)
The Effervescent DJ Fuuuuuuuuze (nuff said? never, but I'm short on time and I'll take it)
The REAL Kevin Partridge (of early 70's fame - no collegiate charlatans here!)
The Funktrader (he's gotta trade it cause he IS it)
The Was, Am, and Will/Not Be of Wyld Bill Wild

Don't forget... Good Friday is a statuatory holiday. I predict.... shenanigans :)


SHADOW FX! - April 4-08 Thursday, Mar 13, 2008
On April 4th The Techno Hippy Psychedelic Division and T.G.I.Psydays is proud to present a progressive Psytrance master straight from Australia!!

Check out the events section for more info...
T.G.I.Psydays! Round 5 Tuesday, Mar 11, 2008
The Techno Hippy Crew is proud to present our 5th installment of T.G.I.Psydays! on Friday March 21st at the Temple downtown.

This week, we're featuring an all local psy lineup!

Psycosmic vs Psyburnz | Edmonton | Raging Shaman
11 Hits | Edmonton | Trancecore
Martian Static | Edmonton | Trancecore

for more info see our events section...
T.G.I.Psydays! March 7 - Psy Amigos & Kristoff! Tuesday, Feb 26, 2008
We are proud to present our 4th installment of T.G.I.Psydays!!
This time we bring you:

Psy Amigos! -> Calgary
James Katalyst, Sundrop, Organic Manic

Kristoff - Y Afterhours

Tix are $10, doors @ 9:00
Temple 10030 102st

More details in the events section...
SENSIENT! - Nov 16 - 07 Wednesday, Nov 14, 2007
Sensient is Tim Larner, the label head for Zenon Records in Australia. Come join the Techno Hippies at the Temple for a night of Psy-mastery!! More info in the events section.
CS:PSY Venue Announced!! Friday, Oct 19, 2007
The event this Saturday has SOLD OUT!!! There will be absolutely NO tickets available at the door.. Sorry if you missed this one, but there will be more to come!!!

CS:PSY is being held at King Edward Hall - 7708 85 St.

and don't forget...

There will be a THC/GOMP store up and running for CS:PSY... local artists!! So bring some extra cash to spend... support these talented folks!! Hoops, clothes, artwork, funky apparel, and lots more!!!
CS:PSY - October 20 -:- 2007 Thursday, Sep 27, 2007
An elite team of forensic evidence investigation experts are working their cases this October to bring you a night like no other! Join the Techno(logy) Hippies once again to witness Edmontons very first 5.1 Surround Sound experience!

More details in the events section.
Soundburn: The Second Sizzling - July 28 -:- 07 Wednesday, Jul 25, 2007
Join Edmonton's premier party crews at the Wapiti Campground for 24 hours in a mid summer celebration of art, music, and intentional dance!

Check our events section for more details or
Trancendance:003 Venue Announced Wednesday, Jun 27, 2007
The venue for Trancendance:003 has been announced!
Join us this Saturday, June 30 at Hazeldean Hall 9630 - 66 Avenue for a trancendant night of beats!
Trancendance:003 Thursday, Jun 7, 2007
Our annual gathering of friends, music and art is happening June 30, 2007.

Check out the Events section for more info!
Upcoming Events Tuesday, May 1, 2007
A few dates to watch for

Saturday May 26th-Velvet Underground
Vibe Tribe Productions and Techno Hippy Crew Present a Night of Sultry Hips and Funky Beats
Live music, Belly Dance Performances and Djs.
A fundraiser for Vibe Tribe

Saturday June 30th-TRANCEDANCE 3!!!!
THCs annual party.. more details to come.
Relentless vs Jord @ Motion Notion 2007 Monday, Apr 2, 2007
For all you fellow psy-heads, and techno hippy crew supporters, Relentless vs Jord will be playing on Main Stage, Friday July 13, at 2:30am - 4:15am.


Check the lineup at
BASSNECTAR-April 19th-Starlite Room Tuesday, Mar 27, 2007
Yes thats right the one and only Bassnectar is coming to e-town.

Please check our events section for ticket details.
I also have a limted number of $15 tickets for sale and then $20 after that.
Email me
2 rooms of music and a fashion show.
Going to be a wicked night!

World Wednesdays At The Backroom Vodka Bar Tuesday, Mar 27, 2007
Our newest Techno Hippy Member-Pat has Wednesday nights at the Backroom (10328 whyte ave (2nd Floor)
No Cover, $2 Hi-Balls until 11
Weekly World Beer special.

Plus local djs dropping all the wicked beats.
So check it out!!!

DJ Mixes page is up! Thursday, Mar 15, 2007
The Techno(logy) Hippy Crew website now features a DJ Mixes page with the first mix from our own ?Siriusly Twisted? entitled "Get Sirius". Please download and share ...
Groove With The Crew Monday, Feb 26, 2007
Join us on March 10th at The Velvet Underground-10030-102st
only $7, drink specials.
Doors 8pm.
Check out our events section for the flyer and list of djs playing.
MALENTE, MALENTE, MALENTE!!! Wednesday, Feb 7, 2007
The Techno Hippy Crew, GOMP and The Starlite Room are proud to present: MALENTE
Along with: Funktrader, ?Siriusly Twisted?, Shamik and Kevin Partridge.

Wednesday March 14th @ The Starlite Room
Doors 9pm, 18+. Tickets are now in stores @ Foosh, Treehouse, Listen and Blackbyrd.
Boxing Day Soundclash with DJ Edit from the Glitch Mob Friday, Dec 8, 2006
Roots Sound System, GOMP, Subterranean Sound and THC are teaming up to take over the Starlite Room for one hell of a Boxing Day Blowout, featuring DJ Edit from the Glitch Mob!!
Tickets are $10 in advance, available at: Foosh, Treehouse, Colorblind, Blackbyrd and Soular.

Check the Events page for more details!
Enhancing Your Experience Monday, Nov 6, 2006
Cheyenne (aka Lightswitch) has made a short documentary movie, which takes a look behind the scenes of a Techno Hippy Crew party.

If you have BitTorrent, you can download the DVD ISO (~500MB) or DivX AVI (~45MB) using our torrent files.

You can now also download the DivX movie directly from here.

A streamed version will be out shortly ...
Weird Psyence Venue Announced!!! Thursday, Oct 19, 2006
Weird Psyence is only 2 days away, so all you psychedelic ghosts and freak-out ghouls better be prepared for one hell of a Halloween party!

The party will be held at The Clansmen Rugby Club at 11060 - 111 Avenue, Edmonton.
Click the map to get directions.
THC presents: Weird Psyence Tuesday, Oct 3, 2006
Grab your scariest costume and join THC on October 21 for a terrifying night of beats. This year we will be bringing in Halloween in style with 2 rooms featuring your fav THC DJs.

Check the Events page for more details.
Stomp Saturday - One Year Anniversary Monday, Sep 4, 2006
GOMP and THC are teaming up to celebrate one year of Stomp Saturdays. We will be taking over the Starlight Room and throwing down with some of the best local DJs Edmonton has to offer, with special guests Neal K, Rhett B & DJ Kev, and Shamik. Check out the Events page or GOMP's website for more details.
TrancenDance 2 Venue Announced Thursday, Jun 29, 2006
TrancenDance 2 will be happening on Saturday, July 1 at:
King Edward Park
7708 - 85 Street

Click the map to get directions.

We're working hard to prepare for this party, so we hope to see everyone come out for this one!
The Return of TrancenDance Wednesday, Jun 21, 2006
TrancenDance is back and better than ever. With 2 rooms and a wide variety of music, we're gonna rock Canada Day like never before. For advanced tickets email or phone Jord at 919-0155.

Check out our events page for more info.
Infected Mushroom with Guests Jord & Relentless Thursday, Jun 1, 2006
Infected Mushroom is one of the biggest psychedelic trance acts in the world, and United, THC and Fever Nightclub will be presenting them June 22. Our own Jord & Relentless will be opening for them along with Dave Dfekt & Phil Lam.
Get your tickets at Ticketmaster, Fever Nightclub, Foosh, Colorblind, Treehouse, Shadified, or Alexis Clubwear (WEM). $15 in advance, more at the door.
Check out the events page for info.

*Ok, so tickets should be available tomorrow at Foosh and Colourblind, and are also available at (451-8000), Treehouse, Shadified, Alexis Clubwear and Fever Nightclub.
2 Events Coming Up! Tuesday, May 23, 2006
First of all, GOMP and THC are taking over the Starlight Room this Saturday, May 27. Doors are at 10pm and cover is $5.
And then on June 3, GOMP, THC, Arch-Tribe and Battlin Banjos will be throwing a FREE (donations accepted) outdoor party.
Check out our events page or for details.
Guestbook is now active Monday, May 8, 2006
Everyone check out our new Guestbook!
We'd love to hear from you, so leave us a message.
Groove with the Crew ... a resounding success! Monday, May 8, 2006
Thank you to everyone who came out for our first (and hopefully not our last) night at the Velvet Underground.
The music was amazing, and the energy and atmosphere conspired to create a wonderful night. If anyone has any pics that they would like to have put on our Photos page, send them to