Check out some mixes from your favorite THC DJs:

Space Age

The Protege

?Siriusly Twisted?

  • Siriusly Spring Mix
    Electro-Crunk funk session
  • Romani Rockers Vol. 2
    Check out round two of Mr. Twisted's Romani Rockers. Another blend of all the goodness that is gypsy rhythms that will surely give you the gas to shake that ass!
  • Romani Rockers Vol. 1
    A mix of traditional Balkan Beats and modern Romani rockers to melt your souls and shake your ass!!!
  • Sirius Groovedom
    Another ad lib mix by Siriusly Twisted. This is his first time playing these tracks. Enjoy!
  • Get Sirius (AdLib Live Mix)
    The first mix to be posted on the website. Our own ?Siriusly Twisted? rips it up in this booty shakin' live mix!