Name: Cheyenne Workman

Occupation: Interviewer, Student, Videographer, Decor Diva, Hoop Dancer Trainee

Style of Music: Psytrance (progressive and full-on) psy-dub, Dubstep, Dub, downtempo, reggae, roots, folk, atmospheric drum and bass, breaks, house, electro, mash-up, minimal, classic/modern/punk/indie rock, hip-hop, trip-hop, world, funk, jazz, blues, gypsy

Previous Events: Motion Notion (2004-08), Metropolis (2004/05), Frequency (2005), Canada Day (2005), Tunnel Vision (2005), Scream (2005), Trancelvania (2005), Re-Verb (GOMP NYE 2005/6) Soundburn (2006/7), Intox 3 (2006), Down the Rabbit Hole (2006), Weird Psyence (2006), Invision Equinox (2007), GOMP NYE (2006/7), Trancendance (2006-07) Aquarius Mojave (2007), Lucky Charms (2007), A Trip To Goa (2007), FULL ON (2007), CS:PSY (2007), Doomfest (2007), Star Wars VIII (2007), Sensient (2007), Bassnectar (2007), Infinitus (GOMP NYE 2007/8), Intox 5 (2008), Shadow FX (2008), TGI Psydays (2007-8), Reach For The Lasers (2008), Shambhala (2007/08)

Personal Mission Statement: "As an individual in a such a beautiful community, it is my intention to assist the crew in promoting positive and peaceful events to help expand our minds and our social skills through means of dance, music and art, and also to encourage growth and passion, and to dance to my hearts contents with some of my closest friends, and strangers alike...."